Wednesday, August 23, 2017

2017 Child Bedroom Trends

From savvy slumber parties to studious study sessions, kids devote many hours to their bedroom. A child’s bedroom lends them a clandestine space for working, playing, and sleeping, so it is important the room reflects the child’s personality. Pairing different colors with unique pieces of bedroom furniture lend warmth and coziness to a kid’s room. At eKidsRoom, we specialize in furniture and beds for kids, so you can rest assured we understand the safety standards, stylistic elements, and assembly process that is involved with kid’s bedroom sets. Check out some unique approaches to styling a child’s bedroom in 2017. And remember, this works best with a child’s intuition included!

1. Grey Scale: It’s no surprise that monochromatic elements are taking over the fashion and interior design world. To take this to the next level, let’s add a little splash of color to couple with the grey scale. Add a modern twist with bright coral or tangerine, mixed with the serene simplicity of grey tones. Do this for your walls, furniture, and accessories. Check out some examples below...

Bunk Bed
4 Drawer Chest
Clothes Hamper

2. Risky Business: It’s 2017 and nothing is off limits. Go bolds to the wall (that’s the saying right?) and embrace anything exhilaratingly funky, fun, and fresh. This includes crazy patterns, vibrant prints, and risky bright colors. See some examples below...
Bright Daybed
Funky Space Shuttle Bed

3. Bolds to the Wall: Wallpaper has clearly made a significant come-back since its previous days of 1990’s powder rooms. Adding artsy wallpaper to one wall creates a freshly innovative and unique space for your child’s room. Representative of artwork, there are thousands of awesome patterns to choose from that will perfectly coordinate with your home’s style and your child’s personality. Get crazy and even add a funky accent chair!

Bold Orange Chair

4. Go Vertical: If space is a factor, try adding some vertical height to the room with bunk beds and additional loft style beds. When sharing a room, privacy does not have to be compromised. Create additional spaces for private nooks next to the kid’s bunkbeds that are representative of their personalities and creativity.

Full Bunk Bed
Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

5. Accessories Talk: Traditional rooms are so 2016. Change up the game of your child’s room by creating a white space flourished with accessories, like bed curtains and funky lamps. A white space embodies a blank canvas and nourishes the room to be extra creative. Accessories like lamps, rugs, books, and bedding coupled with a white backdrop is an ideal approach in making the room flow while letting the accessories talk.

Bunk Bed Shelf
Bed Curtains

If you are looking for some new ideas to spice up your child's bedroom, take a look at our website for a wide range of options of kid's furniture that your little one is sure to love! We offer a wide selection of beds and bedroom furniture that will be perfect for children and teens.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Creative Shared Bedroom Ideas

Whether you want to maximize your home’s square footage, you have a new baby on the way and you need some home readjustments, or your kids ironically want to room together (hey, nothing wrong with getting them college-ready), there are many reasons to have a shared bedroom for your children. When creating a shared bedroom space, functionality, affordability, style, and your children’s happiness are all on your mind. With our cool designs and style hacks for shared bedrooms, these can all be achieved, and the dreaded phrase— “kids, you’re sharing a room!” will go over smoother than you think.

Here are FIVE different ways to design a shared bedroom space that’s affordable, functional, creative, and guaranteed to make your kids smile.

1. Color Code in Storage: Kids envision individuality when decorating their own room. However, uniqueness does not need to be compromised when sharing a bedroom. Keep the design of the room neutral-fluent and add an original pop of color with fun storage on each side of the room. Let the kids each pick a color scheme and line each wall with color-coded shelves next to their day bed. They’ll have tons of room for their goodies and feel super unique.

2. Let’s Divide and Conquer: A top concern is privacy in a shared bedroom. Split the room with storage down the middle in a symmetrical fashion. This creates a barrier between beds, allows your kids to have their own “territory”, and helps maximize floor space with added storage. Loft style beds are ideal for a separated bedroom with versatility underneath.

3. New Layout, New Me: Instead of the typical “same wall, twin beds side-by-side”, get creative and change up the versatility of the room. To achieve this, add twin trundle beds perpendicular to each other, separated by a large nightstand.

4. Goodnight, Nightstand: Ditch the idea of having two nightstands next to each bed. Instead, add a large dresser between the beds and it serves the same purpose. This provides more storage and space. On each side of the dresser, the child can flaunt their own individual lamp, alarm clock, and goodies. To get even MORE storage, add twin size captain’s beds with built-in storage underneath.

5. Next Level, Power Up: Take it to the next level and maximize square footage with unique bunkbeds. Extra tip, add a light under each child’s bunk level so they can do quiet activities before bedtime. We have many bunk bed options, including staircase bunk beds, bunk beds with slides, twin over full, and twin over twin bunk beds.

Whether you are designing a room for two boys, two girls, a boy and a girl, or more than two kids, we have a design that keeps affordability, functionality, and creativity in mind, while maximizing every square foot. Check out our website to view beds that are perfect for a shared bedroom. At EKids Rooms, all of our beds are sold with free shipping, great prices and top customer service. Contact us for more information today.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Kids Bedroom Holiday Gift Guide

Want to buy your kid a unique gift that is also an investment? Consider buying your child a bed that will make them excited about bedtime. Let your little one be inspired by a bedroom space that sparks their imagination and brings out their personality. When you are considering buying a new bed for your child’s room, there are many different options that will be available to you. The type of bed you end up selecting will depend on your unique situation, budget, and space. Here are just a few of the different options available to you.
Are you looking to save some space? If you have two children who will be sharing a room, bunk beds are a great option. With loft beds, instead of having another bed on the bottom level, you can have a desk, a work area, or a play area. The options are unlimited. Children will have a lot of fun climbing the ladder and going up to sleep on a bed that is at a higher level, with the bonus of extra space.
Want a bed that serves as two pieces of furniture? Couch by day and bed by night, this is another good option if you are working with limited space. The day bed essentially becomes another seating option during the day and transforms into a sleeping space at night. You can decorate your child’s daybed with color-coordinated pillows to create a nice centerpiece to the room.
Do you have frequent guests in your home? Trundle beds are the perfect option if your child has sleepovers or guests regularly. With a trundle bed, there is a second bed that is stored underneath the main bed. It can be pulled out when a guest comes to stay and put away again when the guest no longer needs it. Trundle beds are a great way to accommodate guests without taking up extra space you may need.
Interested in a bed that doubles as a playset? There are all sorts of fun children’s novelty and theme beds. You can get a bed that is made to look like a castle, racecar, firehouse, tree house, or even a dollhouse. Consider a bed that has a slide instead of a ladder for endless amusement. You can get a loft bed that has curtains over the lower space to create a “fort.” The possibilities are endless. No matter what kind of room your child wants, there is a bed available that will match.
A Bed is a Gift that Lasts!
With the holidays right around the corner, a bed is the perfect gift for your child or teen. If you are interested in purchasing a bed for your child’s room, have a look at
 our website for more options. We offer a wide range of beds for children. Happy Holidays from ekidsrooms!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Make the Most of the Space in Your Vacation Home with these 4 Bed Options

Vacation homes can range from a condo at the beach to a cabin at the mountains to a house at the lake. It is fun to furnish and decorate your vacation home, which might involve a theme of wherever your vacation home may be located. For example, your beach house may be draped in a nautical themed d├ęcor, while you lake house may be decorated to rustic perfection. No matter your decorating theme or style, the main focus when decorating a vacation home is making the most use of your space.
A great way to take advantage of space in your vacation home is by investing in bunk beds, loft beds, trundle beds, or captain’s beds. These beds give you a cornucopia of options while taking up the least amount of space. You and your vacation guests will probably be loaded down with tons of bags, suitcases and other vacation travel essentials. The last thing you want to worry about when on vacation is how to fit everything and everyone in your home. Here are a few beds that might help give you some inspiration when furnishing and decorating the bedrooms of your vacation home.
1.     Bunk Beds: Bunk beds are great for utilizing the vertical space in your vacation home while giving copious options of places to sleep. Creating extra space is the most obvious benefit of bunk beds as they allow two people to sleep in the same space that one person would normally fit in. 

2.     Loft Beds: Loft beds are perfect if you are looking for more floor space. You can take advantage of the open space under the bed and add in storage options, a couch, beanbags, etc. The possibilities are endless. 

3.     Trundle Beds: Trundle beds are essentially two beds packed into the space of one bed. Trundle beds include a pull out drawer with a bed for easy accessibility. They can double the sleeping capacity at night while giving you more room throughout the day. Trundle beds can be pulled out when they are needed and sleekly tucked away when they are not.

4.     Captain’s Beds: Captain’s beds offer infinite storage options which helps keep rooms tidy while maximizing the space available. The built-in dresser located under the bed eradicates the need for a freestanding dresser and chests, which ultimately gives you more room in smaller bedrooms. These beds also fit well into corners, eliminating the need for walkways around all sides of the bed.

Make sure to make the most of the bedroom space in your vacation home with the bed that best fits your needs. Bunk beds, Loft Beds, Trundle Beds and Captain’s Beds are all great options for utilizing the space in any bedroom. If you are interested in purchasing one of these beds for your vacation home check out our website. At EKids Rooms, all of our vacation home beds are sold with free shipping, great prices and top customer service. Contact us for more information today.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dress Up Your Child’s Room with Bedroom Accessories

A good bedroom is made up of two essential components: furniture and accessories. While the furniture often consists of a dresser and a bed, or perhaps a combination of those two things in the form of a trundle bed or captain’s bed, kids bedroom accessories are far more subjective and unique. Kids' rooms are fun to decorate because you can be very creative using bright colors and whimsical elements. It is the one room in the house that can be a stand-alone design. Here are some creative ideas to spruce up your child’s room with bedroom accessories.
·      Bed Shelves
o      Kids bed shelves are a great way to enhance a room’s fun and utility. Bed shelves help keep your child’s bedroom clean and organized and they are an excellent storage option that keep your kid’s treasures close by. 

·      Bunk Curtains
o      By far one of the coolest bed accessories for a kid’s room comes in the form of curtains. Bunk bed curtains are not the typical window decorations found elsewhere in the home. Instead, they’re printed with special designs that turn a loft bed into a castle, a fortress, or another play area that enhances the bedroom’s design and appeal for younger children.

·      Drawer Pulls
Designer kids drawer pulls are much more fun than ordinary knobs. Make your child’s dresser or nightstand so much more interesting with fun and decorative drawer pulls shaped like peace signs, stars, fish, sports, animals, cars, and more. Your little boy will love a set of drawer pulls shaped like a baseball or maybe even a racecar. Shopping for girls? No problem, your little girl will love our line of drawer pulls made specifically for girls.

·      Kids Lamps
o      Table lamps are a fun way to add a nice finishing touch to your child’s room. Our high quality table lamps easily brighten your kids' room, playroom, or any room in your house needing a little extra light. There are so many different styles of kids lamps that all pull off different looks for the space. 

·      Maxx Packs
o      Maxx Packs are a colorful storage solution for kids' rooms. Maxx Packs have hook and loop tape to hang securely on the bed rails or desk chairs or you can even hang them on the wall. Two sizes and exciting color combinations give you plenty of options to add decorative storage space in your kids' rooms.
Of course, kids bed trays are another great way to enhance a room’s fun and utility, as are unique pillows and storage options that can be stored under or alongside the bed. With a number of great shapes, sizes, and color options, there’s no bedroom that can’t be enhanced by some excellent children’s accessory items. Whether you’re looking for kids’ bed curtains or kids bed trays, find the best prices and selection at eKids Rooms today! Check out our website to learn more about our bedroom accessories.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Make Bedtime Fun: 5 Benefits of Bunk Beds

Bedtime can often be an ordeal, so why not choose a bed that your child is excited to sleep in? A key benefit of bunk beds is that kids LOVE them! Bunk beds are fun for kids, and “fun” is reason enough to make bedtime a seamless routine. Children will often view their bunk bed as more of a fort or a tree house, so it will also work as a place to play for those rainy days. There are numerous benefits to choosing a bunk bed for your child’s room, but here are the top five reasons that a bunk bed is the perfect choice.
Space Saver
Creating extra space is the most obvious benefit of bunk beds as they allow two people to sleep in the same space that one person would normally fit in. Bunk Beds give your children enough room to play and use their imagination. Some bunk beds even include storage space, which is something that you can never get enough of when you have small children.
Less Expensive
It is typically less expensive to buy a bunk bed as opposed to buying two single beds. If you purchase a bunk bed then you do not have to buy headboards since it is included with the bunk bed. Sometimes bunk beds can even convert into sofas or other pieces of furniture, which means that you will be saving money on household furniture as well.
Various Styles
Bunk beds come in an array of various styles and designs. Choosing a bunk bed for your child’s room allows you to use your creativity when decorating a bedroom as you can coordinate with any themed room from princess to sports to a space themed room. The options are endless. Whatever style or theme your child chooses there is sure to be a bunk bed to match.
Sibling Bonding
If you re limited on space then siblings may have to share a room and you will have to find a bed to accommodate this living situation. Even if you have plenty of room in the house, many experts would still recommend having children of similar ages sharing a bedroom. Sharing a room with a sibling can play a huge role on the long-term relationship, as there is a certain amount of bonding that occurs when siblings share room that cannot be achieved any other way.
While most people plan their furniture layout in two dimensions, the reality is that every room is a three-dimensional experience. If you place a standard bed in the corner of a room it doesn’t just take up the two-dimensional space, but it prevents you from doing anything with the space above the bed. With bunk beds, you have the flexibility to do two things at once, whether you want to add storage or furniture underneath a place to sleep.
Bunk beds are perfect for utilizing the vertical space in any bedroom. If you are interested in purchasing a bunk bed for your child’s bedroom check out our website. At EKids Rooms, all of our bunk beds are sold with free shipping, great prices and top customer service. Contact us for more information today.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

More Room for Activities with Loft Beds

Loft beds are a great option for your child’s bed because they come in a wide range of styles so you can choose what option works best for your kid’s bedroom. A loft bed has numerous options for storage space that allow it to be the only piece of furniture you will need in your child’s room. Loft beds are the perfect solution for a small bedroom because they allow for more floor space, which gives you extra room for toys or perhaps even a desk for an older child. A lofted bed can offer copious advantages that traditional beds cannot. 

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a loft bed for your child’s room.

  1. Lofting provides more versatility. There are definitely more ways that you can arrange a room when you have a lofted bed as opposed to a traditional bed. A lofted bed offers extra space for additional seating or a hobby corner depending on what best suits your child’s taste. A loft bed can offer more storage space or room to add a desk, couch, or even a beanbag chair. The options are infinite.
  2. It can rid the room of clutter. With the additional space in your child’s room, you have countless possibilities of how you can set up the rest of the room. Loft beds provide you with extra storage space and are a great option for people who are working with smaller rooms and less square footage. Place a shelving unit or dresser beneath your loft bed for even more storage to help with anything from keeping books in order to storing your child’s growing collection.
  3. Added space for small rooms. Raising the bed off of the floor opens up all that space underneath that you can use. The space under a loft bed can be used as a study space, relaxing in a futon, or even as storage space for things you don’t want sitting out. No matter what you use the space for; you will be thankful to have more room, especially when you’re trying to fit more into a small space.
  4. Ideal for shared space. Whether you share space with a sibling or space in a dorm room, loft beds are one of the most practical ways to make the most of a shared room. Loft beds are a great option for growing families because you will be able to simply place a second bed underneath the lofted bed whenever the time comes.
  5. It’s just like regular bed—except its better. Loft beds are just as comfortable and practical as any traditional bed. Your child will still get a good night’s sleep with the bonus of having additional space in the room.

No matter how you decide to use a loft bed, you will certainly enjoy the flexibility that a lofted bed can provide for your child’s room. Loft beds can hold twin or full size mattresses, so whether you need a loft twin bed or full bed, ekidsrooms can help. Our collection of loft beds includes the most modern designs that will appeal to children of all ages.