Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kids Bedroom Decorating Tips

For many parents, decorating a child’s bedroom is among the most fun of all home decorating projects. Kids’ rooms can make ample and creative use of colors, textures and materials to create a space that is perfectly suited for the child and yet that is also fun and inspirational. Whether you are planning to redecorate your toddler’s room, your teen’s room or the room of a child any age in between, there are a few key tips that you can follow to ensure you create a room that is functional, fun and beautiful for your child.


Create Zones

In many homes, a child’s room is used for sleeping and changing clothes, but it also is used for playing alone or with friends, for relaxing and more. To create a room that is fully functional for all of these needs, a great idea is to create zones in the space. You can and should choose a theme for the room as well as stick with a color scheme when decorating. However, the zones of your room can be decorated according to the theme and colors selected. These zones may include the bed or sleeping area, a work area like a desk or an art table, a quiet area with a book shelf and bean bags or comfortable seating options and more.


Use Space Wisely

Whether your child has a larger or smaller room, using space wisely is critical if you want to maximize the functionality of the space. Before you begin shopping for new features and looking at paint samples for the walls, consider sketching out the layout of the room on graph paper. Consider where bookshelves, a desk, the bed and other furnishings may be placed to maximize the use of the space while creating the desired zones. Keep in mind that you may benefit from purchasing furniture that is more suitable for kids’ rooms. For example, a loft bed elevates the bed over the ground while allowing the floor space to be used for a desk, a book shelf or other areas. This is a great way to maximize space, but there are other creative options that can be explored as well.


Keep Safety in Mind

Kids will spend a lot of time in their rooms, and they will not always be supervised in this space. Therefore, planning a room with safety in mind is critical. If your child is younger, avoid using furnishings that have sharp edges if possible, and avoid using glass such as mirrors or other breakable objects when decorating. Electrical cords should be placed strategically so that they do not cause a tripping or fire hazard. If kids will be climbing a ladder to access a bunk bed, it may be wise to place a plush area rug underneath the ladder area. As a parent, you know that if there is a way that kids can get hurt, most kids will find that way. As you make purchases and make decorating decisions, think about how your kids will behave in the space, and make wise decisions to promote safety.


Think One Step Ahead

While decorating your kids’ rooms can be fun, it also takes a lot of time. You may also be investing in new furnishings, decorative items and more to redecorate the space. Kids grow and develop quickly, and you don’t want them to quickly outgrow the functionality or décor of the space that you are creating for them now. With this in mind, it is wise to think one step ahead when it comes to decorating the room. Consider buying furnishings that may be used in one way now, but that may be used for another purpose in the future. For example, a desk may be used by an elementary age child mostly for art projects, but as the child ages, this may be the ideal place to study. You can have a great time decorating your kids’ rooms in the weeks to come, but you do want to ensure you make the best decisions possible with regards to room décor. Keep these tips in mind, and you will create a space that you and your kids will love for years to come.  

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