Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trundle Beds: A Real Space Saver

Trundle beds are a great space-saving option for getting two beds into one room. The trundle bed can be rolled out from underneath the main bed, and when the morning comes, it can be pushed back into the bed. These are a great option for children that have frequent guests or sleepovers. The majority of trundle beds are used with daybeds. When used with decorative accessories or pillows, guests will never even know you have a trundle bed until it is pulled out.

These beds are becoming more and more popular because they are such a great way to save space. For someone with a smaller home, trundle beds can be the ideal bed. With trundle beds, you never have to worry about having extra space for friends or family members to stay over.  This especially works with a daybed as daybeds are typically designed to look like sofas. Disguising a trundle bed underneath a daybed is a popular way for many people with trundle beds to go about designing their bedrooms.

There is a misconception that a trundle bed is only big enough to fit a child. This is not the case. A full grown adult can fit comfortably on the majority of trundle beds. Many trundle beds are well equipped to handle high quality twin mattresses for both children and adults. It’s simply a matter of finding the right trundle bed for your purposes. There are many different options available to you.

Trundle beds can also be used in place of bunk beds in rooms where there are two children. They are an excellent space saver. Having a trundle bed underneath a bed instead of having two beds will give you far more room in your bedroom for a desk, chairs, a study area, a play area, etc. These can sometimes be a better idea than bunk beds if you have children that are not able to climb up the ladders needed for bunk beds, for example.

Trundle beds are available in twin or full sizes typically. There are different options available to you if you are interested in these unique and stylish beds. Here at eKidsRooms, we have a wide selection of trundle beds for all of your needs. Have a look at our vast range of trundle beds to get an idea of the space-saving possibilities for your own home.

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