Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pre-Back to School DIY: The Two Most Popular Bedroom Decorations Your Children Can Create

The summer is the perfect time to redecorate your child's bedroom. Maybe they need new furniture because they grew out of their old furniture, or you are looking for space saving options, such as bunk beds or trundle beds. It is important to get your child’s opinion on their new bedroom d├ęcor, and you can keep them involved in the process with some fun DIY projects.

Start by determining the color scheme you are going for. Many of our bunk beds, trundle beds and captain's beds come in neutral colors such as dark brown, light brown and white. These will go with any color palate you choose. Keep in mind that your child may change their likes and interests as they get older, so going with a light color on the walls may be smarter for younger children, as it can easily be painted over. You can also add more color to their with bedroom with accessories, such as comforters, pillows, or bed curtains that can be switched out.

Next pick a theme. Definitely take your child's age and interests into account when choosing a theme. For younger girls you may want to go with a princess theme and for younger boys you may lean towards cars and trucks. For a teen girl you may want to consider polka dots or a flower theme, and a boy may lean more towards a sports themed bedroom. Remember that teens may grow out of themes faster than younger children so neutral color paint or theme is probably best.

Finally take a look at our Pinterest page for some fun DIY ideas to really make your child's bedroom unique and fun. Here are a few of our favorite DIY ideas:

· Pom poms made out of tissue paper: This is great for your daughter’s room and is so fun and easy to make. These can hang from her ceiling or off of her bed post.

· Super hero canvas: Most boys at one point or another dream of being a super hero! This will be great for your son’s room! It is so fun to make and will add a personal touch with the wood monogrammed letters.

Here at eKidsRooms we have lots of options when it comes to kids bedroom furniture. Check out our website for all of your children’s furniture needs!

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