Thursday, August 7, 2014

Themed Bedroom Ideas for Your Children

Your child's room should be a place where they are free to express their personality. Designing a child's bedroom around a particular theme that they love will help to give a deeper sense of individuality and self-expression. Plus, you can turn decorating the room into a bonding experience for you and your child.

First you are going to want to decide on a theme and you will definitely want to get your child's input on what theme they would like to have. Consider likes and preferences. You can browse our Pinterest to get some ideas, just search eKidsRooms and check out our “Theme Beds” board. Here are a few basic themes that many children enjoy.

The Library Theme
For children who love stories, you can create a book-centered room. You may want to have a loft bed surrounded by bookcases and posters or paintings of your child's favorite fairy tales, stories, heroes and heroines. This is a very easy bedroom theme to adapt as your child gets older.

The Ocean or Pirates Theme
Paint the walls blue with little fish and sea creatures on them, and it will feel like your child is in the ocean. There are many fish or ocean-related bedspreads, pillows, plush animals, and decorations that you can also get. Pirates are another common theme for children's bedrooms. There are even some themed beds that look like pirate ships.

Fairy or Princess Theme
So many girls dream of being a Princess! So whether it's the Disney Princesses or just a Princess in general, this is a great theme for a little girl. You can paint the room pink or purple with princess decorations and a castle-themed bed. Hang posters of Disney princesses or put out nice, pink pillows. If your child is more into fairies, you can actually get glitter paint to paint the walls and hang fairy figurines from the ceiling to create a fairyland right in her bedroom.

Galaxy Theme
You can paint the walls dark blue and then cover them in glow-in-the-dark stars and planets. Or you can actually paint golden, silver, or white stars over the dark blue paint. This is a great theme because with just a few adjustments, it can be suitable for older kids or teenagers. There are a ton of galaxy-related pillows, decorations, and bedspreads that you can look at and consider.

Those are just a few ideas so you can start thinking about how you might want to decorate your child’s room. Here at eKidsRooms we have a wide variety of themed bedroom furniture to browse for your children and teens, take a look at our website and Pinterest pages for even more ideas!

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