Thursday, March 19, 2015

More Room for Activities with Loft Beds

Loft beds are a great option for your child’s bed because they come in a wide range of styles so you can choose what option works best for your kid’s bedroom. A loft bed has numerous options for storage space that allow it to be the only piece of furniture you will need in your child’s room. Loft beds are the perfect solution for a small bedroom because they allow for more floor space, which gives you extra room for toys or perhaps even a desk for an older child. A lofted bed can offer copious advantages that traditional beds cannot. 

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a loft bed for your child’s room.

  1. Lofting provides more versatility. There are definitely more ways that you can arrange a room when you have a lofted bed as opposed to a traditional bed. A lofted bed offers extra space for additional seating or a hobby corner depending on what best suits your child’s taste. A loft bed can offer more storage space or room to add a desk, couch, or even a beanbag chair. The options are infinite.
  2. It can rid the room of clutter. With the additional space in your child’s room, you have countless possibilities of how you can set up the rest of the room. Loft beds provide you with extra storage space and are a great option for people who are working with smaller rooms and less square footage. Place a shelving unit or dresser beneath your loft bed for even more storage to help with anything from keeping books in order to storing your child’s growing collection.
  3. Added space for small rooms. Raising the bed off of the floor opens up all that space underneath that you can use. The space under a loft bed can be used as a study space, relaxing in a futon, or even as storage space for things you don’t want sitting out. No matter what you use the space for; you will be thankful to have more room, especially when you’re trying to fit more into a small space.
  4. Ideal for shared space. Whether you share space with a sibling or space in a dorm room, loft beds are one of the most practical ways to make the most of a shared room. Loft beds are a great option for growing families because you will be able to simply place a second bed underneath the lofted bed whenever the time comes.
  5. It’s just like regular bed—except its better. Loft beds are just as comfortable and practical as any traditional bed. Your child will still get a good night’s sleep with the bonus of having additional space in the room.

No matter how you decide to use a loft bed, you will certainly enjoy the flexibility that a lofted bed can provide for your child’s room. Loft beds can hold twin or full size mattresses, so whether you need a loft twin bed or full bed, ekidsrooms can help. Our collection of loft beds includes the most modern designs that will appeal to children of all ages.

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