Thursday, April 30, 2015

Make Bedtime Fun: 5 Benefits of Bunk Beds

Bedtime can often be an ordeal, so why not choose a bed that your child is excited to sleep in? A key benefit of bunk beds is that kids LOVE them! Bunk beds are fun for kids, and “fun” is reason enough to make bedtime a seamless routine. Children will often view their bunk bed as more of a fort or a tree house, so it will also work as a place to play for those rainy days. There are numerous benefits to choosing a bunk bed for your child’s room, but here are the top five reasons that a bunk bed is the perfect choice.
Space Saver
Creating extra space is the most obvious benefit of bunk beds as they allow two people to sleep in the same space that one person would normally fit in. Bunk Beds give your children enough room to play and use their imagination. Some bunk beds even include storage space, which is something that you can never get enough of when you have small children.
Less Expensive
It is typically less expensive to buy a bunk bed as opposed to buying two single beds. If you purchase a bunk bed then you do not have to buy headboards since it is included with the bunk bed. Sometimes bunk beds can even convert into sofas or other pieces of furniture, which means that you will be saving money on household furniture as well.
Various Styles
Bunk beds come in an array of various styles and designs. Choosing a bunk bed for your child’s room allows you to use your creativity when decorating a bedroom as you can coordinate with any themed room from princess to sports to a space themed room. The options are endless. Whatever style or theme your child chooses there is sure to be a bunk bed to match.
Sibling Bonding
If you re limited on space then siblings may have to share a room and you will have to find a bed to accommodate this living situation. Even if you have plenty of room in the house, many experts would still recommend having children of similar ages sharing a bedroom. Sharing a room with a sibling can play a huge role on the long-term relationship, as there is a certain amount of bonding that occurs when siblings share room that cannot be achieved any other way.
While most people plan their furniture layout in two dimensions, the reality is that every room is a three-dimensional experience. If you place a standard bed in the corner of a room it doesn’t just take up the two-dimensional space, but it prevents you from doing anything with the space above the bed. With bunk beds, you have the flexibility to do two things at once, whether you want to add storage or furniture underneath a place to sleep.
Bunk beds are perfect for utilizing the vertical space in any bedroom. If you are interested in purchasing a bunk bed for your child’s bedroom check out our website. At EKids Rooms, all of our bunk beds are sold with free shipping, great prices and top customer service. Contact us for more information today.

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