Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dress Up Your Child’s Room with Bedroom Accessories

A good bedroom is made up of two essential components: furniture and accessories. While the furniture often consists of a dresser and a bed, or perhaps a combination of those two things in the form of a trundle bed or captain’s bed, kids bedroom accessories are far more subjective and unique. Kids' rooms are fun to decorate because you can be very creative using bright colors and whimsical elements. It is the one room in the house that can be a stand-alone design. Here are some creative ideas to spruce up your child’s room with bedroom accessories.
·      Bed Shelves
o      Kids bed shelves are a great way to enhance a room’s fun and utility. Bed shelves help keep your child’s bedroom clean and organized and they are an excellent storage option that keep your kid’s treasures close by. 

·      Bunk Curtains
o      By far one of the coolest bed accessories for a kid’s room comes in the form of curtains. Bunk bed curtains are not the typical window decorations found elsewhere in the home. Instead, they’re printed with special designs that turn a loft bed into a castle, a fortress, or another play area that enhances the bedroom’s design and appeal for younger children.

·      Drawer Pulls
Designer kids drawer pulls are much more fun than ordinary knobs. Make your child’s dresser or nightstand so much more interesting with fun and decorative drawer pulls shaped like peace signs, stars, fish, sports, animals, cars, and more. Your little boy will love a set of drawer pulls shaped like a baseball or maybe even a racecar. Shopping for girls? No problem, your little girl will love our line of drawer pulls made specifically for girls.

·      Kids Lamps
o      Table lamps are a fun way to add a nice finishing touch to your child’s room. Our high quality table lamps easily brighten your kids' room, playroom, or any room in your house needing a little extra light. There are so many different styles of kids lamps that all pull off different looks for the space. 

·      Maxx Packs
o      Maxx Packs are a colorful storage solution for kids' rooms. Maxx Packs have hook and loop tape to hang securely on the bed rails or desk chairs or you can even hang them on the wall. Two sizes and exciting color combinations give you plenty of options to add decorative storage space in your kids' rooms.
Of course, kids bed trays are another great way to enhance a room’s fun and utility, as are unique pillows and storage options that can be stored under or alongside the bed. With a number of great shapes, sizes, and color options, there’s no bedroom that can’t be enhanced by some excellent children’s accessory items. Whether you’re looking for kids’ bed curtains or kids bed trays, find the best prices and selection at eKids Rooms today! Check out our website to learn more about our bedroom accessories.

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