Friday, July 14, 2017

Creative Shared Bedroom Ideas

Whether you want to maximize your home’s square footage, you have a new baby on the way and you need some home readjustments, or your kids ironically want to room together (hey, nothing wrong with getting them college-ready), there are many reasons to have a shared bedroom for your children. When creating a shared bedroom space, functionality, affordability, style, and your children’s happiness are all on your mind. With our cool designs and style hacks for shared bedrooms, these can all be achieved, and the dreaded phrase— “kids, you’re sharing a room!” will go over smoother than you think.

Here are FIVE different ways to design a shared bedroom space that’s affordable, functional, creative, and guaranteed to make your kids smile.

1. Color Code in Storage: Kids envision individuality when decorating their own room. However, uniqueness does not need to be compromised when sharing a bedroom. Keep the design of the room neutral-fluent and add an original pop of color with fun storage on each side of the room. Let the kids each pick a color scheme and line each wall with color-coded shelves next to their day bed. They’ll have tons of room for their goodies and feel super unique.

2. Let’s Divide and Conquer: A top concern is privacy in a shared bedroom. Split the room with storage down the middle in a symmetrical fashion. This creates a barrier between beds, allows your kids to have their own “territory”, and helps maximize floor space with added storage. Loft style beds are ideal for a separated bedroom with versatility underneath.

3. New Layout, New Me: Instead of the typical “same wall, twin beds side-by-side”, get creative and change up the versatility of the room. To achieve this, add twin trundle beds perpendicular to each other, separated by a large nightstand.

4. Goodnight, Nightstand: Ditch the idea of having two nightstands next to each bed. Instead, add a large dresser between the beds and it serves the same purpose. This provides more storage and space. On each side of the dresser, the child can flaunt their own individual lamp, alarm clock, and goodies. To get even MORE storage, add twin size captain’s beds with built-in storage underneath.

5. Next Level, Power Up: Take it to the next level and maximize square footage with unique bunkbeds. Extra tip, add a light under each child’s bunk level so they can do quiet activities before bedtime. We have many bunk bed options, including staircase bunk beds, bunk beds with slides, twin over full, and twin over twin bunk beds.

Whether you are designing a room for two boys, two girls, a boy and a girl, or more than two kids, we have a design that keeps affordability, functionality, and creativity in mind, while maximizing every square foot. Check out our website to view beds that are perfect for a shared bedroom. At EKids Rooms, all of our beds are sold with free shipping, great prices and top customer service. Contact us for more information today.

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