Wednesday, August 23, 2017

2017 Child Bedroom Trends

From savvy slumber parties to studious study sessions, kids devote many hours to their bedroom. A child’s bedroom lends them a clandestine space for working, playing, and sleeping, so it is important the room reflects the child’s personality. Pairing different colors with unique pieces of bedroom furniture lend warmth and coziness to a kid’s room. At eKidsRoom, we specialize in furniture and beds for kids, so you can rest assured we understand the safety standards, stylistic elements, and assembly process that is involved with kid’s bedroom sets. Check out some unique approaches to styling a child’s bedroom in 2017. And remember, this works best with a child’s intuition included!

1. Grey Scale: It’s no surprise that monochromatic elements are taking over the fashion and interior design world. To take this to the next level, let’s add a little splash of color to couple with the grey scale. Add a modern twist with bright coral or tangerine, mixed with the serene simplicity of grey tones. Do this for your walls, furniture, and accessories. Check out some examples below...

Bunk Bed
4 Drawer Chest
Clothes Hamper

2. Risky Business: It’s 2017 and nothing is off limits. Go bolds to the wall (that’s the saying right?) and embrace anything exhilaratingly funky, fun, and fresh. This includes crazy patterns, vibrant prints, and risky bright colors. See some examples below...
Bright Daybed
Funky Space Shuttle Bed

3. Bolds to the Wall: Wallpaper has clearly made a significant come-back since its previous days of 1990’s powder rooms. Adding artsy wallpaper to one wall creates a freshly innovative and unique space for your child’s room. Representative of artwork, there are thousands of awesome patterns to choose from that will perfectly coordinate with your home’s style and your child’s personality. Get crazy and even add a funky accent chair!

Bold Orange Chair

4. Go Vertical: If space is a factor, try adding some vertical height to the room with bunk beds and additional loft style beds. When sharing a room, privacy does not have to be compromised. Create additional spaces for private nooks next to the kid’s bunkbeds that are representative of their personalities and creativity.

Full Bunk Bed
Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

5. Accessories Talk: Traditional rooms are so 2016. Change up the game of your child’s room by creating a white space flourished with accessories, like bed curtains and funky lamps. A white space embodies a blank canvas and nourishes the room to be extra creative. Accessories like lamps, rugs, books, and bedding coupled with a white backdrop is an ideal approach in making the room flow while letting the accessories talk.

Bunk Bed Shelf
Bed Curtains

If you are looking for some new ideas to spice up your child's bedroom, take a look at our website for a wide range of options of kid's furniture that your little one is sure to love! We offer a wide selection of beds and bedroom furniture that will be perfect for children and teens.

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